Management Accounting


Management accounting is about the future. If a business wants to meet future targets and objectives, then it needs Management Accounts to tell it where it is today. Action can then be taken to ensure that the business remains on track to achieve them.

Whatever your needs, the Acctax services team can provide your business with a time and cost-effective solution.
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Management Accounts Are Key to Business Success

Management accounts inform you about key performance indicators on a monthly or quarterly basis. Each member of the management team can then see that the team is on track for success and understand their part in it. It’s no good the purchasing manager being happy with purchasing, if the sales manager is unhappy with selling or the finance manager is unhappy with the cashflow. All team members need to work together to achieve success, and management accounting procedures provide the framework and solid reliable data needed to achieve this interaction on a timely basis.

At Acctax services, we prepare management accounts for companies of all sizes - from sole traders to group companies - and in all stages of their development. Each company's needs are different, but we can:

  • Customise the structure of your management accounts into a form and style that suits your business requirements
  • Present key data graphically to give 'at a glance' information about your business performance
  • Provide detailed cost centre analysis as well as accounts so that your business can plan for growth